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How can I get involved?

If you enjoy walking, cycling or horse-riding, you can help us to maintain the Public Rights of Way network  within the County Borough.

Public Rights of Way help us to explore and enjoy the Countryside and also provide important links in urban areas.

My adopting a Public Right of Way you will be volunteering yourself, or a group to walk a path within your ward or a path of your choice at least twice a year.

The scheme will give members of the public who have an interest in Public Rights of Way the opportunity to help the Rights of Way section by providing "an extra set of eyes"

As well as.helping others enjoy the natural beauty of the Countryside and also urban routes, the scheme will hopefully give you personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

What do I have to do?

Just using the Rights of Way in the area on a regular basis will help keep them clear of overgrowth and undergrowth.  When you are out on a path we will ask you to inform us if you encounter any of the following

1) Any obstructions on the path, damaged stiles or gates or locked gates.

2) Lack of or damages to waymarkers or signs

3) Any overgrowth to the path you are using.


For your own safety and insurance purposes, unless you are part of an organized group, we ask you not to attempt to carry out and clearance yourself, but report it to the local authority.

If you want to become part of the adopt a path scheme you will provided with plans of your chosen paths and all the relevant forms you require.

Tel: 01685)727309/726225/727052
Last updated: 15.11.2011
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