Merthyr Arts

The Arts Division is situated at the Civic Centre. It is part of the Arts, Culture and Tourism Service, which in turn forms part of the Regeneration Department. It comprises one full time post - Arts Development Officer.

Mission Statement

The Arts in Merthyr Tydfil will be central to community development and regeneration in the County Borough, seeking to make the arts accessible and understandable to the people of the area being both active and proactive in each individual part of the County Borough and in doing so will compliment the County Borough Council's Vision and Aims particularly in the fields of Leisure, Lifelong Learning and Economic Regeneration.

Why The Arts?

The arts are exploratory, they are intrinsic to daily life, and we are all in some way touched by them whether this be seeing an attractive painting on the walls of a doctor's surgery or being lifted by a favourite song on the radio or relaxing watching a film in the cinema. Even if we are not aware of it, the arts impact upon our lives, emotions and even our social interaction without us thinking about it. They can also be ways in which we express ourselves, escape from mundane tasks, communicate with others or develop a sense of identity. The arts therefore encompass, but are not exclusively the following forms:

  • Visual arts - photography, film, sculpture, painting etc.
  • Drama - theatre, pantomimes etc.
  • Dance - ballet, jazz, disco, contemporary, physical theatre, tap etc.
  • Literature - creative writing, poetry, storytelling, journalism etc.
  • Craft - applied arts, pottery and ceramics, glass-wear, leatherwear,  textiles, jewellery, work in wood, metal, stone carving etc. Plus hobbie crafts.
  • Music - songwriting, playing instruments individually or in groups, singing, choirs, rock bands, music technology, DJ mixing etc.
Tel: 01685 725382
Last updated: 15.11.2011
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