Getting Around Merthyr Tydfil

Bike Hire

For bike hire. Route ideas and even a cycle guide contact Gethin MTB.


In addition, a number of professional tour guides offer bespoke tours and walks in the area.

Free Hoppa Service

Jump on the brand new low floor FREE hoppa service bus.  It has e a range of local tourism leaflets, and drivers will be able to inform passengers which attractions to alight for at each bus stop. The bus will link the town and surrounding attractions with an easy to use and highly visible service, providing visitors with an excellent way to enjoy a Saturday in Merthyr Tydfil.” Look out for the bus, with its distinctive ‘Visit Merthyr’ branding, running from 9am to 6pm every Saturday.

The timetable is as follows:
Depart On the hour – Trago - Tourist Information Centre
Five Past - Cyfarthfa Park Bus Stop
Quarter past – Redhouse
Twenty Past – Leisure Village Bus Stop
Twenty Five Past – Merthyr College for St Tydfil Shopping Centre
Twenty Five To – Cyfarthfa Retail Park

Read more about the new service  here


Last Updated - Mon - 26 / Nov / 18